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Grounded Possibilities

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Hey! This is my first post. I have some ideas that I think would be really cool. Now I am not sure if they have been discussed previously but I am willing to open up the possibility to discuss things further. 

* Dual wielding daggers with a decreased damage effect on the weak hand slot so that using the spider set with a shield and dagger won't feel out of class for a true assassin build. 

* Renaming some of the equipment to reflect the items they are made from. Insect bow can be renamed the Arachnid Bow or something more creative than that. 

* Easier trading systems between players (unless I am unaware of a trading shortcut) dropping things and picking them up can get confusing when your entire party has full bags and there are a ton of mite fluffs on the ground. 

* Adding mutations for other types of Damage increases. Antnihilator shouldn't be the only specialization for killing certain creatures. I can almost guarantee that the full game ill include these things. 

* Crow interactions. Possibly riding the crow to other backyards...I don't know if thats a spoiler or not yet but it could be!

* Tree-bark armor. Come on. You know you want it. Rank 3 Tank armor tree-bark shield. The art department could love that one. 

* A second ant hill that causes rival ants to fight it out. I want to be a veteran of the ant wars. That would be cool stuff.

* More predators. (I can guarantee this one is coming for full release)

* Access to the house. Oh its coming for sure. It may or may not be a spoiler. 

* Weapon modifications. I would love to see this but that is 1000% up to devs. I would like to make a mod that swings my mint mace faster or slower for less or more damage respectively. Making the ant club into an ant axe. More aesthetically pleasing with axe attributes less damage and on use stamina. 

* Armor modifications. I would like to add things to my armor or take things off of my armor to protect me or make me faster. 

* Stealth opening attacks that deal extra damage. This is something I have not tried yet, I am not sure if crouching to close distance is even a thing in grounded I will have to do some field research here in a little bit. 

Well that is all I've got for now. Feel free to comment please try to be respectful and leave positive or negative feedback without being rude or blowing things out of proportion I would like to see what everyone thinks honestly so if you dont like something it is perfectly okay to say so!

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