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Peril on Gorgon broken, no "Preserved Eye"

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I installed "Peril on Gorgon" DLC when it first came out.  Outer Worlds just updated to version dated 3/17/2021 and I installed "Murder on Eridanos" DLC.

I have never been able to complete "Peril on Gorgon" because the "Preserved Eye" is NOT in Lucky's safe🤬

Has anyone found the "Preserved Eye" when it is not in the safe? 😧

I note that the Lucky's safe does not open like other safes or containers.  Lucky's safe door opens slightly, other safes open a dialog showing contents (no safe door opening). This non-standard method of interacting with Lucky's safe could be the problem.

Gorgon needs to be fixed so the eye is ALWAYS where is should be.

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