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Suggestion for future content - The Sandpit

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Recently my friend and I have been playing a lot of Grounded and we enjoy the game very much. We like talking about future updates that might potentially come out and cool things that the developers could add to the game that would be very fun and interesting to play around with. We understand that there is presumably a clear content path that the developers are working hard at, but this idea was so good that I couldn't help but pitch it.

The Sandpit Update

The sandpit would be exactly what it sounds like; a child's sandbox with various toys and treasures within. This area would be the equivalent of a desert biome and add great tone and variety to the backyard. It could be located near the picnic table or beside the garage and the unique desert-type biome would have its own original features, resources, and lab much like the hedge and the koi pond

Features may include;

- Sand (resource, harvestable by shovel - glass potential?)

- A Sand castle filled with bugs (location - lab??)

- Sand Castle Tools (landmarks)

- Beetle (Scarab type neutral bug - maybe rideable?)

- Thirst depletes faster in the sandpit (Survivability feature)

- Desert Temple BURG.L Chip (Sandpit Lab)

The list goes on and on, this idea was too good to keep to myself! please like this post and reply and give it some love so that the developers see it! I am confident that they will take this idea and skyrocket it and create epic content !

Attached below is my attempt at some concept art.

Sandpit (grounded).png

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