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Public Test 0.8.0 Results

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First off

Every issue I had for the past month have been resolved with this testing. My repair tool is fixed and I can finally repair my base.   ----Thanks :)

Secondly I found the bow to be very smooth from it's last appearance and not to frenzy. I enjoyed that you fixed the LEFT CONTROL feature ( even placed items work now). I've been always doing Blueprint status first because things would disappear when you LEFT CONTROL them. This seems to be fixed.  ----Thank You ❤️ 

Lastly the image below has been like this prior to me testing 0.8.0, so i have no idea what the issue is. It's missing it's texture when you look underneath the clay or any foundations. Hopefully this gets addressed.


Now for some suggestions

This game has so much potential it's the reason i have over 500 hours of playing by myself because i have no friends :( lmao

1: Tame Bugs with their own talents.

     A: Ants can haul weed stems and grass for you

     B: Bees can fly you somewhere

    C : Wolf Spiders are used for PVP attacks 


2. I noticed the surrounding environment to be coming nonexistence 

   A: Have a silhouette in the windows at night time in the house to make it seem people live there.

   B: Have cars or even planes go by, just seems like the focus is the backyard and not it's surroundings.


Overall i can't wait to see the things you guys come up with, I have so many awesome ideas that it's crazy


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