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The buttons do not work in the "Typo in email" page when logging in to Grounded.

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Hi all
I bought Grounded a couple days ago and I tried logging in using my Microsoft login as intended but I accidentally put in the wrong email, usually that is no biggy. I just click on the "typo in email, click here to fix it" button and I do where it takes me to a new page. The problem with this page is that the back and the next button just dont work, once clicked they are unresponsive and dont take me to another page. The problem with this is that every time I open up grounded it automatically fills in the email and asks for a verification code which puts me in an infinite loop of not being able to play multiplayer no matter what I do.

Things I have done
Reinstalled Grounded (3 times)
Restarted PC (Twice)
Given login info to a friend who installed grounded and logged in with correct info to which he had no problems but did not sync over to my pc.
Called Xbox to which they told me it was an issue with steam as that is where the game was bought
Called Steam to which they said it was an issue with Xbox as its their login system.
Refunded the game and then bought it again hoping that would refresh the login screen(As a last ditch attempt).

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