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Those who came before

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Dear Grounded devs,

I noticed some odd things in the backyard. First off, the spawn. I can play with up to three players making us four, but the box that we came out of has an additional slot for a fifth member of our expedition. That's weird I thought. Maybe he's already here and will help us survive or we will find his base or something. Later on in our journey we started noticing that backyard might not be as safe as we thought. There were bugs that were bigger than us and...well might not be as friendly. But still I thought hat our lost friend is safe. As we explored, our armor collection have expanded. We have crafted my favourite armor, The Ant Armor. And I went exploring to the ant hill to search for resources but what I never would have expected what I would find. Three parts of rotten bee armor scattered throughout the ant hill with bones near each of them. That's when I realized that this life is no joke. He came here probably to hide or to search for something, he ventured too deep, too unprepared and met his end. 

Honestly I think that this is an amazing addition to the game and bring up the curiosity in players. Besides this I found another human skeleton underneath a pot in some underwater ventilation near a broken sprinkler but I don't know if this somehow ties to something. From what I think is that this story can introduce us a nice scientist that will eventually turn evil as we find out more. Shrinked his own kid and put him through this and now he wants to try this on the rest of kids because he just wants to succeed with this project. So far an amazing game with immense potential. I am excited for upcoming updates and full release one day. Honestly if we could find something like a worn down base already in a game with a few resources to help us out from he start that would be amazing storywise.

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