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Very Good Game and Concept, Would Love To See Some Kind Of A Faster Travel, The Ability To Fly Things Is Cool But I Wouldnt Want It To Be A System Where You Can Just Fly Everywhere or Super High, Just Mid Flight to Transport Items. New Bug Ideas-Mantis,Beetles,Butterflies,Dragonflies,Wasps,Dung Beetles/New Item-Fertilizer for Like A New Advanced Farm or Something. Mantis Arm/Mantis Scythe Weapon, Bigger Storage/Vault. Hatchframe/Trapdoors. More Traps For Bugs. Long-Bow/LongSword. More Appearance Options,Full Length/Body Covered Armor Instead of Just Small Parts of Your Body Covered. Lasso/Lead For Later Pets. Sleep Arrows. Weapon Modifications. Some Of Defense Turret, New Ore For Gears or Something. Pet Powered Wheel For Electricity Production like Aphids Using Their Dew To Give Them Energy.

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