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Possible slug queen bug? unable to finish

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i have the same issue except often it lets me kill and loot the queen, even talk to the wierd guy in back, but when i try to leave the zone or save it causes a hard crash every time andi can't progress, if i load the save before i enter the door that starts the first pre-fight cut scene with ludovico, then i can back track and leave the building and continue playing as normal but i can't progress beyond this quest stage. Pongo, did you also have a bug where the objective to search Bertie's room wouldn't update? and the Mascot's location never updated for the quest either? i'm wonderingif the broken quest has anything to do with this game breaking bug.


I am now getting a similar game crash when i kill/save after killing Victoria Foxworth and the Rizzo's soldiers surrounding her at the quest stage 'Deal with Hunters' during the quest 'Your Primal Heart' this feels a lot like a very bugged quest script.

Edit 2:

The same crash on save also occurs if i try to complete the core game final mission 'Brave New World' i can't save at all after advancing ANY quest stages.

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When you say it now crashes loading, are you hitting continue? it may be that the game is trying to load a corrupt autosave made immediately after killing the queen, do you make manual saves and if so, have you tried loading and trying to play with saves made before entering the room with the queen?

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Hi All,
I have hit the same bug where game was crashing on Xbox One X after killing slug queen. I have tried to avoid it many times under different scenarios and found a workaround:

1. Save the game FEW TIMES ON DIFFERENT SAVE SLOTS before entering the room with slug queen - this is required because some times the last save slot gets crashed as well.

2. If you have teammates with you, set "passive mode" for all of them - they should not attack any enemy.

3. Go to the room with the queen and speak to Ludovico. Once the queen ate him, go to one of small cabins with terminal - it does not matter right or left one. Shoot the queen before going into the cabin - queen should see and attack you. The main goal is to lure the slug queen into the cabin and kill it there without being attacked by her "babies" - it is quite easy.
Very important note - DO NOT kill any small slugs born by the queen!!! That is the reason to set "passive mode" for all your teammates before entering the room with the queen. One more important condition - "babies" should not see you when you are killing the queen. Otherwise they will attack you and entire workaround does not make sense.

4. Once slug queen is killed and you are not attacked by her "babies" save the game - game should not crash under this scenario.

5. Exit the game. Then load the last save slot created on previous step above. As you remember, you did not kill any slug "baby" before saving and leaving the game, but there should be no slug "babies" anymore after the game is loaded from the last save slot - this is the main indicator that you performed all steps above in a correct way!

6. Then go to Ludovico's assistant and unlock the elevator to the outside (I did not attack the assistant).

7. Go outside and kill few infected security guards. Then run to the "UNRELIABLE" - DO NOT USE MAP TO TRAVEL THERE, JUST RUN.

8. Speak to Helen and Sedrick near the "UNRELIABLE", then enter it and speak to ADA - "Murder on Eridanos" will be completed then.

9. Fly wherever you want and save the game.

I hope this helps you to avoid hitting the bug.

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Hi thereĀ 

My Bug did not even let me enter to meet the Queen. Everytime I want to enter the Factory it crashes hard. Had the whole Game reinstalled but changed nothing. Seems like I have to play the second DLC again...sometime next year.... hope for an update sooner

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