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Great Ideas at least in my oppinion ( Must See)

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For those of us that play the game have we seen the construction warning signs :)

the game it self reminds me about a movie or movies... i watched as a kid and i know the game is sort of based on the same concepts.. i cant remember the name of the movies but if grounded copied just some parts of that movie would it been amazing! Maybe adding a queen that can be killed or used to trade products from etc.. or the possibility to go inside the cube. 

Some game features that i hope can be added 

* a small river made from a leaking wire , juice box or something like that 

* Abandoned grass houses/ tree house with or without mpcs.. 

* possibility to go inside or under the house ( if go inside can toys maybe be used as transportations this also means outside such as maybe a toy car or anything) 

* ride bees or other animals 

* Longer story & more bugs

* Boss bugs.. as for now is spider wolf the hardest thing to kill i think

*  online server?  (im not that sure how i think about the idea but might be cool like teams of 2-3 players where we also have to be aware or other players aswell as the bugs, like server wipes and base raiding.. this is not the concept of grounded but might be a cool thing to at least try out haha)

* change of weather where a stormy hour or two can kill you or something where you need to search for shelter..

i know all these things are alot to ask for and maybe even not possible at all but all this things is a complete version of what i think would be the game of all time... Grounded is already a great game which i love but its all about the small things we wish we could do right ? All the bounderis made.. a game where everything is possibile but is impossible to make... That is the Greates game of all time 


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Some of the things you mentioned have already been planned for further updates, eg (more bugs, completed story and dedicated servers, dynamic weather changes) the full list can be found here (https://grounded.obsidian.net/feature-board

currently the devs are working on the SandBox, picnic table and BBQ area and beside the shed, being said the things you mentioned sound awesome and would be somewhat easy to implement such as a small river of some sort and abandoned houses, personally I think adding a drivable toy car would complete take the survival aspect out of the game, maybe even making it into a landmark that you can save and sleep in just like the lean-to perhaps?, but I do sir like you’re thinking 😊😊

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