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Are achievements for the DLCs coming to steam?

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I love the game. I'd play it if it hadn't any achievement. Heck I'd even play it if it had a death ray emitter that slowly killed you in real life every time you die in game.

My problem is I'm a completionist. I enjoy games without achievements, and I enjoy completing all achievements on games that have them. Also, sometimes achievements give me reasons for trying a new path or some kind of reckless stunt.

So, I'd like to know, now that Murder on Eridanos is on it's way to our PCs, if it's going to bring achievements fot the DLCs with it to Steam or not. That's because I'm almost done with the Monarch part of the game and I'd like to know if I should boldly go on and forget about the achievements (fine for me) or wait till a patch brings them to the game so that I don't have to replay that part (fine the same).

Please, give me an official answer.

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