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General Ideas - Quests, Building, Storage

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I’ve really enjoyed this game and just wanted to share some ideas.

Story and Quests

It does need more story and quests that are not just hunt a set number of this or make this armor. Once you find the labs and build a decent base those quests feel super repetitive. Up until that time you can switch back and forth on what you are  focusing on doing and the balance feels fine.

I would like something like rare item/artifact hunting. Things randomly get ‘dropped’ in the yard. These items could also get carried off by certain insects so you might find some down in the ant mounds or  in a wolf spiders sleeping place and not just out in the open somewhere; a string, a button, a safety pin, etc. Small items that we can use to make furniture, weapons, armor etc. I feel like this needs to be fairly rare and random so it takes a long time to get what is needed. You shouldn’t be able to outfit your 17 story base with button tables, safety pin blinds, or woven rugs in a just a few real life days.  The game is currently lacking in latter game goals so this aspect taking a while would be good. Some unique items just for displaying would also be cool. I’ve started decorating the world and not just my base and being able to make like a town square monument or something of that nature seems delightful.

It would also be nice to have boss battles. Perhaps some should be a one-time feat to grant access to some area where as others could reoccurring. The only issue with one-time battles is guests. A guest should not be able to initiate a one-time battle. It cheats the host out of the experience.

I enjoyed the extra steps needed to access the pond lab and hope any future labs require some puzzle solving. Preferably more complex.


Building and Decorating:

Building wise I really want the option to ‘mirror’ or flip certain objects, not just rotate them. (If this is already a feature, someone please just tell me how.) I want to be able to make the acorn stairs go in the other direction sometimes. I want to be able to make the triangle stem flooring go in the same direction as the rest of my floor; depending on where eI need the triangle sometimes that is not an option. Speaking of the triangle stem flooring, the little bump they have when placing items half on them drives me crazy. I’d like there to be stem triangle wall pieces as well. A fish scale roof would be sweet. I feel like there needs to be pebblet walls/floors/archways and such. We hit two of the three pigs already with straw (grass), sticks (stems), so let's do bricks (pebblets).

I would like to be able to make paints and dyes to color our bases, furniture, armor and weapons. We end up with a lot spare bug parts and if we could use them to make said dyes and paints that would be lovely.

I would like to use spider silk to make things like curtains/rugs/tapestries or to find string randomly in the world to use for this. 

I’d like to be able to make a boat or raft or something I can move supplies on across the pond or flood area. The end goal is to be able to build more easily in some ares where stem resources are rare be bring over a bunch via the boat.



I want an auto-sort option for the inventory within my bag or within a storage container.

It would be nice if we could upgrade our backpacks. In order for that feature to not be just one upgrade or result in a ridiculous amount of storage, perhaps each upgrade only gives one additional slot. We could find small swatched of fabric and use them for upgrades.

I’d like there to be other storage options besides the the chest and basket. A chest of drawers for multiple sets of armor, a shelve unit that has more storage space than a chest, etc. It’s not just the storage aspect but being able to decorate your base more with functional items. 



It may be hard, but mini games to play with others. Maybe a Burg.L chip that unlocks race track items and the ability temporarily tame ladybugs with an aphid-on-a-stick so you can race them. This kind of thing gives the player more things to build than just a base and something to do with others. It would be neat if you built a basketball court or other sporting area and could make stands and playing with the sports items could attract aphids or some other non-aggressive creatures to watch. Or a chess board. You could move the chess pieces the same way you move furniture. 



There could be a mocking bird that if you treat nicely will sometimes return the gesture with one rare item. Not all new creatures need to be enemies or prey.


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