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Hosting/Joining problem / Game is messing with the whole computer

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I was playing with my girfriend these days but today when we try to join each other we just can't.

As we are in the same house I was thinking it could be an issue with our common IP (don't even know if this is really the case) so I tried to share internet from 4G on her computer but as soon as she launch the game, internet is broke. Using windows auto repair say that "The default gateway was broken" and trying to launch the game again result in the same problem.

I hope that this report can help the dev.

More details :

1. We are both using steam and the latest version (I'm trying to download the beta to test rn)

2. We wasn't playing before the update

3. Yes we can see the host when trying to join

4. We have the same error that most players with this problem ; that can be seen in this topic :


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