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I need to talk about Baldur's Gate Reloaded

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Some context may be required... Some of you may be familiar with this mod:




Which I TRIED to install... But it came out... Gimmicky. And I dont know whether it is meant to be like that, or I did something wrong. Basically, character creation was really weird.

There were a lot of new options... Without any descriptions, for said new options, showing up. And, if I tried to pick one of then, the game simply crashed.

NOW, here is the thing that makes me wonder whether it is my fault:

For some reason, when I tried to extract the files, WinRaR simply would not understand the fact that it was-Suppose-To MERGE the files instead of REPLACING then. So I had to merge each file manually.

Does anyone here knows whether the mod is suppose to work like this or whether I did something wrong? And if the latter, how would one go about fixing it?

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