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Grounded (steam | pc | Windows LTSC) not allowing Xbox Live login

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hello, i recently purchased Grounded on steam for me and my fiancee.

it seems to work just fine on my laptop, but for some reason it will not let my fiancee log into Xbox live on her laptop.

the only notable difference, and potential issue, i've found is that i am running windows 10, and not LTSC. 

therefore, her computer does not have xbox or xbox wares imbedded into it, at all. including the game companion thing that i have seen others say is a solution for this issue.

to be clear, we have tried the following:

uninstall + reinstall

checking drivers for updates

checking the firewall

checking internet connectivity 

relaunching the game multiple times

running as Admin and not running as Admin

i saw somewhere another solution was to install terero (i think thats what its called) drivers, or xbox drivers

however, my fiancee does not want xbox ware on her computer at all, so this is not an option

with that being said, i am wondering if that is the reason we cant get it to work, if so, that seems a bit unfortunate

i know the team is currently working towards solutions for multiplayer issues and bugs, so i hope that lacking xbox ware will be changed to not disallow multiplayer in the future, as the game seems really enjoyable with co op

thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions  

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