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Issues with Shield, Gas Masks, and Flooring

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Since the newest patch several issues have risen. 

1. Gas masks and Shields are slowly being damaged. I have several masks and shields sitting in several chests around the yard, all of them are damaged even thou i have never put them on or used them. None of them are in the Haze.

2. Everything i drop in my base falls threw the floor. All chests, furniture, etc are fine, but if i drop say a grass plank it falls threw the floor. My base is above ground at the oak tree.

3. All my saves now say "unknown location".  It doesn't seem to affect anything but something i thought should be brought up.

4. All my furniture is slowly sinking into the floor. So slow i barely noticed, but i have to pick up each piece and place it back above the floor.

These issues are on Xbox series X.

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