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Quality of life improvements around bases.

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Not sure if this post submitted, so I'll repost. If you're like me, and you have tendencies to have larger bases, I'm sure all the random plants and unwanted resources get annoying when placing your base together. Im hoping for a feature that allows one to yank a resource, like a sprout or plant fiber, up by its roots so that it doesn't ever grow back. Speaking of which, another thing that I'm CONSTANTLY struggling with is the amount of excess grass planks I have lying around. I have dozens of pallets built to house them. Im hoping for either a feature to simply trash them entirely, or some kind of construct we can build to toss in any kind of resource, to turn it into its base parts or something of that nature. So if you toss in grass planks, to lets just call it like a wood chipper, or mulcher, the grass planks are ground up into like 5 plant fiber. Maybe having something like this will open up new ideas for new items or resources. So if you ground up weed stems, you can unlock tinder, for making fires instead of dry grass. Just a thought. Lastly, I think our chests should be connected to item chests so we can make smoothies without having to fetch all the items.

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