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Orb Weavers Build Webs (suggestion)

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I'd like to see the normal orb weavers building webs in the environment like they would in real life. Right now they just wander around their areas, but I think it would be cool if they built webs and hung out in the center like their IRL counterparts. It would be cool if you're wandering around the map and accidentally fall into or run through their web and get stuck, or you're not paying attention and the weaver descends on a thread of web to snatch you up. 

If not the standard orb weaver a new variant could be added, like the brown porch spiders that build webs in the summer every night, those would look particularly terrifying in this game. It would also be kinda cool to see them building webs around sunset and the webs being taken down each morning, obviously there may be engine limitations on actually seeing the webs get created. The spiders could hide during the daytime, but still be a relevant threat if you happen upon one in its nest. 

I also think it would be cool if weavers built webs to have to cross a section of web to get to a research lab or something on the other side or near the center, forcing you to sneak accross the non-sticky webs and not draw the spider's attention. 

Just some thoughts to bring some extra variety and additional threats to the spiders in the game rather than both orb weavers and wolf spiders having similar behavior while wandering. I love this game and am excited to see it continue to grow and become a game I can keep coming back to and enjoying each time I play. Its a breath of fresh air to the open world survival genre. The art style is beautiful and immersive and the base building aspects are really clever! I found myself just mesmerized by the water droplets themselves and how pretty they look in the environment. This is a fantastic idea for a game. Can't wait to see what you all have planned next for it!


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