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Multiplayer bag glitch

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When me and my friend are playing in my world and I kill him his bag drops and I can see it, but for him he cant see his bag where I see it. Instead he sees his bag icon falling through the map and getting farther away when he respawns. I found that it can be fixed by throwing something like a weed stem or a spear at the bag to un-glitch it and then he can see the bag where I see it, but unless I do something to move the bag it remains invisible to him and he has no way of knowing where it is. We both play on Xbox One. 

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I've seen the same glitch and it isn't just when player kills another, it can happen any time the player dies.   I once saw my bag flying up into the air, another time my bag was stationary but half way across the yard.  I have discovered that if one player points you to where it really is, you can just click wildly until you pick it up.   Otherwise it may require a log our or restarting the game to correct.  Note: I and my friend play on xbox, my friend is host and we have only seen this glitch affecting me.  

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