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Multiplayer player permissions settings?

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I have a few suggestions/feature requests below that would be very helpful for session proofing a map so a players map isn’t destroyed by visiting players.  I personally play with gamers from all walks of life (OG gamers, younger gamers, prankster, toxic, newbie, etc. etc.) so there are many circumstances where a player might want some “map security” so hard work is not undone (accidentally or otherwise)

Could we have some multiplayer player permission settings at the Multiplayer load screen or within the in-game option menu? It would be great if there was some ON/OFF settings for each player listed in the game session.

    Allow visiting player to editing buildings & structures ON/OFF

    Allow visiting player to create blueprints ON/OFF

    Allow visiting players to build on existing blueprints ON/OFF

    Allow player to recycle items ON/OFF

    Allow player to use limited resource items (example: mint) ON/OFF

    Allow player to access unique items (example: rotten bee armor, rotten larva blade) ON/OFF

    Allow players to access/use/Build:

            TIER 1 items ON/OFF

            TIER 2 items ON/OFF

            TIER 3 Items ON/OFF

    Allow player access to private/public storage chests ON/OFF



Perhaps we could have an section of “Ominent” lab that is accessible ONLY to the game host.  It could be placeable anywhere not the map/base.  Inside could be private storage chests, private areas, a “Gounded” version of the TARDIS?  Something like a pre-fabricated lab room that only the map owner could access/place on map. A feature like this would help restrict access and prevent frustration related to visiting players who may affect a map.



Allow a map host to set areas that are locked from editing/recycling.  Perhaps “off limits” tape similar to your “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” tape that indicates an area that can be edited by visiting players?  It would be great if there could be boundaries defined to where a  visiting player can edit, build, or delete structures/idems.


Thanks for considering additional player/map security options.  It would be great to see a way to protecting blueprints, existing structures, or other items from visiting players.  I am sure gamers would like an option to share a world with friends without worrying about people using or destroying unique items (Rotten Bee Armor) depleting limited resources (Mint Chunk) or simply deleting something.  



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