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Feedback/suggestions after about a month of mostly single player game

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I wanted to share my thoughts and suggestions after having played the game for approximately a month. I am enjoying the game, thanks for allowing people to share their experiences and suggestions.

Do you have player focus groups?  If so can I participate?

I can’t wait to see what else is added in the next updates!



I like how the beginning of the game focuses on survival, followed by base building, but once I discover tougher to reach areas I hope they can focus on adventure rather than base building?  I like the discovery and exploration of finding BURG’L/labs etc. I really like how well it flows between early game “learning to survive” and “base/building” and learning the materials/technology.  Unfortunately I am craving more adventure now (Sea of Thieves Tall Tales comes to mind) regarding mid-game or possibly multiplayer missions can we have something other than just base building or BURG.L tasks?  Id love a good tough mid-game with lots of story…..something that lets me use all my knowledge and tricks to figure out how to win/progress.  I just don’t want to spend all my time delivering planks or building stuff with friends.  Is there a worthy reward for the science grind?

I ‘m hoping for lots of fun bosses like a rabid mouse, poisonous centipede, giant killer frog, or sticky snail.

I’d also love to a venus fly trap maze or some kind of danger maze dungeon, or a more dangerous ant hill dungeon.  Perhaps there could be some random encounter obstacles you could interact with, something that rewards if you defeat the trap...something like:  mouse trap (sticky or mechanical), sticky fly paper, or a bug zapper 


Can we unlock the difficulty setting so it can be adjusted at the beginning of the session?

Can you please add an option to the tools/weapons that allows a player to select if it is a throwable item?  I loose my weapons all the time because I accidentally throw them, then can’t find it ever again.  Of course I still want to throw planks/grass…is there a setting that could be added to allow a player to toggle if an item can be thrown?

Id like line of sight & altimeter tools for when planning zip lines….it is frustrating to carry materials to set up a zip anchor only to have to move later because the zip line didn’t actually work.  Too much re-building is not fun.

Can you make the spinning wheel & smoothie station inventory selection box/cursor snap to valid items only?

It would be so less frustrating if the cursor could bypass invalid items that can’t be used.  It would ALSO be great if it was easier to “unload all” finished items….scrolling over to the finished rope/silk is cumbersome and an annoying waste of time/button presses.

How about leaf boat for cruising across water…make it fun like a jet ski or something…perhaps it could attract an attack from the giant fish.


Thank you for the amazing game


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