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Feel like fighting for your life every Day!

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So, nature is a Hard place to survive right? Yes! But only if you are a prey for nearly any enemie of your backyard. 

At this state you can run through without fearing any Kind of enemie. 

What this game needs to intense the feeling of beeing a prey for any thing there, are QuickTime Events...grabs... Struggle... And traps... 

What i mean is:

Grabbed By a spider trying to Wrap you into a cocon and bite you to suck out your life... 

Chased and hold down By the Mosquitos who is trying to sting you and suck your blood to get satisfied 

Some flower traps like the venus fly trap which want theire food fresh. 

Or mybe the pitcher plant or rafflesia hot Spot for flys and if you are not carefull enough some of the fluffy flys pushes you into the flowers womb... 

A New enemy? Sure why not what about snakes? Fast.... Silent... And dangerous. 

But the hide would be some good armor or? Over think it mate if you get coiled up By one of that blindworms for example you have to find your way back out... Maybe calm down your breath to Cheat your faint? So that the snake would let go the painfull coil? 


That would be some way to experience the nature. 


You should bei very carefull with your steps. 

I hope you know what i mean

What do you think about this would this be nice lets discuss and hope it would Happen. 



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