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New content- Vehicles

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Content update: Driveable vehicles

Target player: end-game or mid-high level players

Background- obviously vehicles quickly change the gameplay dynamic of grounded.  The game is designed to be played by running around on foot but eventually for higher level players this can become tiresome.  Vehicles could be unlocked for those higher level players who want to get across the map fast or want to view the map from different areas and perspectives.  Vehicles can of course come with perks and cons and perhaps a high cost of operating but they offer large benefits like decreasing the travel time to specific areas.

Vehicle features:  would need to be built or upgraded.  Could include lights, a trunk for storage of items, perhaps a basket or trailer.  Special features perhaps that relate to the vehicle?

Vehicle type 1: Acorn Gyrocopter?  Built out of acorns, stems, perhaps some new items like a rubber band, popsicle stick (rotors), aluminum can pieces, etc.  Could be solar powered?  Allows the player to travel around the map by air.  Limited by power and weight but allows to quickly get from one place to another.  Land anywhere but needs to recharge at home base (perhaps a new facility called the ‘ Hel’lillyPad’ no pun intended.  This would be a harder vehicle to craft as obviously it decreases travel time immensely.  Imagine the screenshots and views you could get of the map and your base and the different features.  Perhaps it could even unlock additional future areas like a bird house, higher up in the Oak tree.  Perhaps some sort of beehive or wasp nest?  Bird bath etc? 


Vehicle type 2: 3 or 4 legged land walker?  Obviously cars don’t make much sense given the environment you are traversing but what about some sort of walker machine (think like Star Wars!).  Allows you to get from one point of the map quicker than walking, also allows you to haul useful resources back to your base.  Built out of existing resources or potentially new ones?  Could have a ‘jump’ feature built into it so you could jump higher than if you were just running around.  Could also have 1-2 seats for additional passengers?  Unlock the gyrocopter which could only seat 1.


Vehicle type 3: row Boat/canoe

straightforward, some sort of water craft that would be powered by the player and allow you to navigate the pond quickly.

Conclusion- vehicles would decrease the travel time around the map immensely and have the potential to offer new and unique locations but have to be done correctly so as to not unbalance the gameplay.  If done correctly they could have a high cost, require a lot of resources to create and upgrade and would be a higher payoff for the players that invest the time.  However if done incorrectly they could ruin the gameplay grind.  Either way, they would be a great addition to the game and offer a lot of fun to the player.

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I see it less likely they include vehicles and more likely they add tamed bugs.

Flying? Tamed bee. Traversing the ground? Ants, lady bugs, some other beetle. Traversing the water? Water Strider.

Vehicles could be fun, but they already have the bugs... why invent when you can tame the wilds by other means?

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I like the ideas but I think the vehicle should be more bug powered like ladybugs that you can use as storage or a wagon that can be pulled by a bombardier or something and what about flying ants as a flying creature that you can tame


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