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I am an armature entomologist, trained at university in aquatic insects and other invertebrates (there's no money in the field so I had to become a developer).  There are plenty of options for scary creatures both terrestrial and aquatic.  One of the worst is the dragonfly lwhich is aquatic prior to emerging as the aerial predator we all know and love.  Aerial dragonflies would be awesome given they are one of the most colorful and acrobatic insects.  Imagine standing on your meticulously constructed abode only to be swooped up by dragonfly. They consume their prey on the wing. Ouch.  The aquatic version is almost worse.  The have an extendable lower jaw that shoots out, sort of like a chameleon tongue. They are an extremely ugly creature, looking nothing like their namesakes.

BTW the larva you have on land also exist as an aquatic version.  Is the larval form of an aquatic beetle.

For people that build huge grass constructs, I suggest a caterpillar which would slowly much on the grass, like an inch worm.  A butterfly or moth lands on your structure and you think "harmless" .  Couple days later there are mysterious holes.  Just make the grubs green and have them do structural damage as they crawl.

Finally it would be interesting to try ant lions.  These are also beetle larva.  They dig pits in sand or loose soil and wait at the bottom for unsuspecting prey to slide down the side of the pit where they are waiting with huge jaws - sort of like that thing on star wars.  Oh and they generally aid in the entrapment by flicking sand.  I'm sure you can find something on YouTube.

I think your game is wonderful.  Getting surprised attacked by a wolf spider is good for an adrenalin rush.  It'd be handy if gastro goop was anti-venom.  However, it is good to get put in your place every once in a while.


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