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Multiplayer Minigame Sandbox Area

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I tried to do a search for this, but it did a whole cross obsidian search and it was a mess, so just replace if need be. Sorry, kind of new to this.

At any rate, I thought what if we had an area on the map, like a sandbox, where various minigames could be played. The concept is RAW SCIENCE has been utilized by previous backyarders to create a machine which can transform the sandbox! Players approach the console, select a game to play (which sculpts the sandbox to the necessary map), and whether or not it will be a local, online private, or matchmade game. Once this has been selected, the game begins. Games could feature -

Ant Wars - Each player is the King/Queen of an ant colony. By ordering your ants to mine resources (food/nectar/dirt/fiber) players build tunnels and hills to increase their ant population and spread their ring of influence to be the largest. Be careful, other the other colony could attack at anytime, so make sure you have a balance of gatherer ants, builder ants, and warrior ants or you may find yourself exterminated.


Deathmatch - Classic deathmatch, customizable with either pre set load outs, spawned weapons style, or bring your own gear style combat. 

Team Deathmatch - Same as Deathmatch, only up to three teams of 4 or two teams of 6 square off in the sandbox.


Survival - Wave after wave of insect pours from the mysterious sand castle, how long can you and your friends survive?


Bee Racing - Take flight on your own customized bee and race around the sandbox (and beyond?) to see who's got the strongest wings!

Bee Dog Fights - Take on your opponents in this aerial battle. Firing stingers at each other, players zip around on their striped-steeds trying to prove who is the top ace.


8 Legs of RUN! - One player takes control of a spider, fast, powerful, and huge, and hunts the other player characters in this heart pounding game of seek and destroy. Players are outfitted with a number of perks to achieve some balance and give them a fighting chance of taking the spider out.


Boss Battles - Want to see how you'd fare against some of the more exotic insects? Well an aircraft carrying insects for a new wing of the local zoo has accidentally dropped a crate right in the sandbox. Fight Tarantulas, Praying Mantis, Hercules Beetle, etc. In additon, if boss battles become more prevalent with story releases, you can relive some of those great battles here.


Much more - I just think the sandbox idea is a great way to seamlessly transition between game modes, online-offline, and minigames. I'm sure the community will have more ideas and the devs could run wild with this. Just my two cents.

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