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I gotta say this.

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I have played games for 35 plus years. I own thousands, yes thousands.  I came accross this game at one point and was like nah. Then later read more about it and was like this is kinda cool, and my son wanted a game we could play together. So We gave it  a try. This thing is truly underrated on most sites. How they incorporated the Rpg elements creating a tank, a ranger, a healer etc is briliant. And the game play is so smooth and really a lot of fun. Crafting, building it has a little everything and does everything well. I appreciate the additional content that is being worked on. Always something new to look forward to. You guys are doing a great job and seem to really listen to the feedback and keep improving it. I always think of something and boom its fixed already. Like the subtle but recent change to the acorns getting more shells rather than so many tops. Very welcomed. I cant wait for the completed project but then again I can as I love getting bits and pieces. Please add a quiver for the arrow types so it doesnt take so much inventory, perhaps the quiver does but then it allows for multiple arrow types. Also I would love to see a level 3 or 4 bow, as well as the speculated crossbow. Whatever is decided I am happy, this is areally a great and fun game for the whole family. Anyone reading this who hasnt jumped off the deep end. Go on its safe and well worth the plunge. Also down the road maybe getting in the house or the neghborhood if not already planned could be a lot of fun. Dlc ideas are endless. Keep up the great work. You are on the right track in my opnion with everything so far. I look forward to anyone else older like me out there that feel the same way or have some opinions to share. 

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