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Pillars 1 Keeps Crashing Every Hour. VERY FUSTRATING(Brough from Windows Store)



Error Log.txtError Log.txtThis is a very frustrating issue I have as this will be my THIRD post with trying to get this resolved from REDDIT, to Windows Forums, to now here with no help whatsoever. I'm playing on a Asus TUF FX505DT Laptop that comes with a AMD Ryzen 7 3750H, GeForce GTX 1650, 8GB DDR4, and 512GB PCle SSD so I know my laptop can play this. I looked at my GPU temps which is hovering around 40 to 58C and CPU at 58 to 65 so I know they're not the issue. I've tried lowering the game framerate and disabling VSync but to no avail. Every hour or so, I'm greeted with a white box screen that says "Pillars of Eternity - Unity 2019.11f1_2d9804dddde7"  then a CTD shortly after.

I would really like some help with this lol.

EDIT: I added a file that I noticed pop up at the same time of my crash when searching for my pillars folder. Not sure what it is. Added it thinking it might help.

Error Log.txt


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Putting Error Log
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1 hour ago, MartinCh said:

I have the same issue. Really frustrating!
Bought on XBoxLive for PC
Win10 latest build.

Please contact Paradox Interactive support make your case known and tell them I sent you cause you will not get any help here or there. I was redirected from Obsidian support to Paradox Interactive support and neither one of them know why this is happening. PI claims that there are no other cases of this issue with Pillars brought through the Windows Store despite the fact I link them an old Reddit post with the same issue from someone. 




Let me guess on your issue, it crashes every hour with a pop up saying something like "Pillars of Eternity - Unity 2019.11f1_2d9804dddde7" ?

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