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Problem with Survival Gender and Limitless Building

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Hi Dev Team,

I want to congratulate all of you, this game is really great to play but I want to make a little suggestion an comment about it, don't get me wrong I love the game but one thing that keeps me annoying is, how easy the game becomes to play after getting certain amount of items (armor/weapons..etc), at the beggining when you struggle to survive is what makes it fun to play, finding your way on the map, avoiding insects that might kill you on a instant, but once you get inmortal the game becomes easy to play and leads to sort boringiness, I know the game is on development but I will suggest to reduce the stats from armor and the benefits such as healt regeneration is pointless to add a healtbar if a specific armor will regenerated it automatically, I think is what the game is about surviving not becoming a GOD and killing bugs really easy well is just one of my thoughts, also the ability to build anything takes you away from the main purpose of the game, I think if a mode gets added just for it, it should be okey but not during the main quest/game, you can just build a floor above the grass and will avoid every danger which makes it pointless creating non flying insects that might kill you if you ever get close to them while walking.

Sorry is just some of the things that have been in my mind and I wanted to express and let you know, is just my homble oppinions and suggestions, thank you and  sorry for about my english and grammar.

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