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please need help - freezes when I press camp or rest in Inn



Title. First time I got this in 2nd location in game and only was camping in cave with bears, now this happened when I tried to rest in InnĀ  in settlement second time(first wasnt freeze). Now I can buy camp supplies(but not really want to do that) and rest somewhere else, but this is start of the game and I have only 2 supplieses so I worried about future and this is distarb me + I dont know where will be freeze or it doesnt.


For camping u/me press on camp supplies or choose option in dialoge with Inn bartender, next choose proffits/room, next button to rest or camp.

When NORMAL then u watch cuttscene and... ur pals healed.

When RANDOM FREEZE then no cuttscene( black screen), cursor,ingame sound interrupts with sound electrics lagging, cursor changed to normal view(not ingame) and it show that some loading. After that nothing happend no healed pals, no game respond, sometimes even Windows respond(50/50).

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there no outputlog I could find( EGS version, this file is not in the directory with, and maybe on the computer).

For info higher - * this one of location where this occur(Gilded Vale(Inn) and Cilant Lis, Cave in Valewood - there is too). And there is some extended info: I think this is occur in location where I already camp/rest(but this doesnt work to Valewood - there issue was at very start of location and I didnt camp there earlier.


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