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Single player into multiplayer

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Hi there,

I love playing Grounded and am having so so much fun. I don’t usually game as much though this got me hooked. But there are a few things I wish were different. 

The main thing I put in the title; I would love to invite people to my single player game and change it into a multiplayer.  My boyfriend likes the game but won’t put in as much time as I to get where I am in the game, but if I could invite him over he would really like it to help me out here and there.

then we get to my second point; some things in the single player are just really hard to do alone, like killing the Orb Weaver or Wolf spider. (Now I asked around and my gaming friends do also think so, so it isn’t just hard because I am an inexperienced gamer, they also say it’s only doable with two people or more.)

What I would suggest is maybe give us a weapon that we can handle earlier on (I heard that the mints would help, I don’t yet know how to retrieve those so I didn’t try the ‘mint hammer’ yet.) But something like the stink bug arrow actually affecting the spider too? Or something else?

Or something that gives you extra defense like a shield or something.. or slimy something so you won’t get stuck in the nets or both. So you’d have to do the same amount of damage, but you’re defense is better. 

I would also love to see more bugs and areas to explore, but I am guessing that those are coming. 

Oh then there is one more thing, in some areas it’s really hard to find water in time, especially in the beginning where you’re less advanced and not having a dew collector yet. Maybe it’s nice to have an object like the the water container but then it cleanses the water from for example the pond. So you can scoop up the nasty water from anywhere and collect it in something like that. Then the next day it’s clean! :) (Maybe you’ll need to add a berry or something for cleaning oxidation or what ever?) 

Anyway, that’s my suggestions, hope you like them! :)
Thank you for making an awesome game!

kind regards,




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