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Unable to host multiplayer game and to join game

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When I click on Host online game button I see following message: 

There was an issue hosting a multiplayer game. Check your connection and try again


OS: Windows 10 Enterprise Insider Preview - 21286.1000
Game: Rel, Steam

Xbox networking :
NAT Type - Open

Server connectivity - Connected

Teredo stats:
Type                                      : natawareclient
Server Name                         : win1910.ipv6.microsoft.com.
Client Refresh Interval          : 20 seconds
Client Port                             : unspecified
State                                      : qualified
Client Type                            : teredo client
Network                                : unmanaged
NAT                                       : cone
NAT Special Behaviour        : UPNP: Yes, PortPreserving: Yes
Local Mapping                     :
External NAT Mapping        : **.**.**.**:64325

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