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Console hot pouch access

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Hi sorry if this has already been suggested. The hot pouch system is really fiddly on console making it impossible to quick heal during combat. Could we have a better system to quick select things in the hot bar? I was think lb could be tapped to just cycle through weapons and we could have the dpad to tie health and food to (I personally would far prefer this to emotes) or even y and b (Xbox). This would go a long way to making things more even between console and Pc. Thanks.

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The hot pouch system should be a bit quicker:

Hold/release. So You Hold the LB to open up the hot pouch, choose with the right stick and release to confirm Your choice. 

Or maybe add: „next hot pouch item” , „previous hot pouch item” buttons, so You can cycle those items.

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Hi everyone.

I think, the way "Ark" does it, would be the best solution for Grounded as well.

The 8 hot-pouches could be assigned to A  B, X, Y and the four main directions on the D-Pad up, down, left right.

To pick a pouch, you hold LT and push the corresponding button of the desired hot-pouch.

Once you have established your personal order of what item should be in which pouch, it works very intuitively, super fast and reliable.

That would make it a lot easier all around in my opinion.




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