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Summoned weapon quality based on power level - Impossible?

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I've been trying to implement a mod that makes summoned weapons based on power level rather than character level, and I'm starting to think it's impossible. I initially tried cloning Scaling_Weapon, as well as it's subsidiaries Scaling_Weapon_SE_Accuracy, Scaling_Weapon_SE_Damage, and Scaling_Weapon_SE_Penetration, with new names/guids but changing them to power level scaling, and setting one test weapon (concelhaut's staff) to use it. When that didn't work, I simply modded the scaling for Scaling_Weapon_SE_Accuracy to use power level rather than character level, and all of a sudden I was getting 0 accuracy from it.


Decided to try basing it off the monk's transcendent suffering abilities instead, and I realized that they're not actually parented to monk fists; rather, it's a base ability tied to monk that only applies to a certain attack type of unarmed.


I'm starting to wonder if maybe the item itself can't properly access the wielder's power level? Maybe only character level is exposed, because they made all summoned weapons based on CL rather than PL. Does anyone know of any equipment or summoned weapon that does scale based on player PL? Always possible there's something I'm overlooking. Otherwise, really dashes my hope of a single-class conjurer with pumped PL for big summon weapon damage.

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I'm thinking now about a possible workaround: remove scaling from the summoned weapons themselves, but have the spells apply a separate buff that grants all the same benefits. My questions, for any who've been more in the guts of these things than I have:

Is there a flag to make it stack with everything, as a weapon buff actually would? I wouldn't want to have it overwrite or be overwritten by some other accuracy buff or what have you.

I'm pretty sure making it apply only to weapon attacks and not spells won't be too hard, but is there a way to make it cancel or dispel itself when switching weapons? Unlike monk's transcendent suffering buff, I don't have a single attack type to bind the buff to, and I wouldn't want it to persist if the character isn't using that summoned weapon.


Edit: So, looking more closely, I could actually model it after Transcendent Suffering, by adding a keyword to all the summon weapon attacks (which I thought were just base quarterstaff or whatever, but I was mistaken). Now the question is, if I add a buff to each weapon summon ability, can I make the power level of that status effect independent of it's originating ability/attack? Most of the statuseffects I look at have the scaling base level set at 0, but it seems to inherit the level of the ability itself. I would want a status that actually scales from power level 0, like transcendent suffering does.

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So I've got it working, although it's definitely something of a workaround, and a decent amount of manual work for each spell. Seems like setting the scaling at 0 for the weapon buffs does start at 0 regardless of spell level; or at least, it's behaved that way for parasitic staff and kalakoth blights so far. How many summon weapons are there? Wonder if it's worth grabbing a json library and writing a script to handle it.

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