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Few Suggestions

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Playing on Xbox Multiplayer.

They should make a button to reset back packs stuck in the map just like the fixing creature locations or cancel nearby blueprints in the test server.
They should add a feature to be able to bulk craft. Example If I have the fiber bandage efficiency perk and you have 100 plant fiber and 100 sap you should be able to craft all 100 at once not one at a time. 
They should add a button to be able to deposit all (just like LB to take all).
A Bigger backpack or perk you can unlock to hold more.
Wagon or something to carry grass planks and weed stems.
Better warning when out of oxygen!

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Playing on Steam.


My issue would have to be about the Map, I'm hoping that something gets done about the area's we can explore but we only have a greyed out map. Hedge and around the Pond being the two biggest areas of map that doesn't show on the Map

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