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Polish translation issues

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I'm typical singleplayer, playing on PC. After spending over 400h in english version of game I swapped to polish just to check how it goes. 

Found some translation issues and will keep on tracking those, first pretty important from my zoological point of view is wrong translation of Grub Vest - its translated to polish as "Kamizelka z czerwia" with meaning of "Maggot vest". Its definietly made of oligopod larvae parts.

Here is where my entomology enthusiastic nature goes in - maggots (apod larvae) dont have any legs, those are larvae of flies/wasps/bees/ants. Grub is oligopod larvae, mainly of beetles, and according to graphics it should be translated into "Kamizelka z pędraka" (transl: Grub Vest) or to make it bit softer "Kamizelka z larwy" (transl: Larva Vest). In polish language word "larwa" works same as larva in english, tho Poles got same differencies between types of larvae in their language as english do:

polipod: caterpillar - 'gąsiennica' (but same word in polish is for inch-worm) 
oligopod: grub - 'pędrak' 
apod: maggot - 'czerw'

Also on test enviroment I found missing translation of upgraded fin flops.

Edit: Another big translation mistake is difference between "Nartnik" (Water Strider) and "Wioślak" (Water Boatman). Fin flops in polish are translated as made of legs of water strider, not from water boatman. Hope we got water striders in game someday ;)



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