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I've been having great fun with this game recently. I am still in act 2 and heavy spoilers about the future chapters should be avoided . Keep it vague please...

This is my stance with the main factions (so far)

Gilded  Vale: Champion - Overwhelmingly good

Defiance Bay: Hero - Moderately Good

Crucible Knights:  Hero - Moderately Good

The Dozens: Troublemaker - Faintly Bad

The Doemenel: Neutral

Improving my faction standing with the Crucible Knights will further damage the relation with the Dozens... is it worth it? 

Mind you, I have been fighting assassin in the streets of the city even before my relationship with the dozens soured. I believe that it came from the quarrel with the noble over Caed Nua... I wonder... will it gets worse if I create a few more enemies?

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Avoiding spoilers as much as possible... most of the assassins you fight in the street are not from any of the factions you can ally with.

First time I played the game I assumed they were all from the Doemenels since I'd had a run-in with them before. So, exasperated, I kicked in their door and massacred everyone in the building. A bit embarrassing when I realised they weren't actually behind the attacks. Whoops!

The reputation system doesn't really matter too much. Which faction you side with is determined by choosing their second quest; dialogue from the questgiver warns you that those quests will commit you to one faction and alienate the other two, but a lot of people still don't realise that they've already committed to a faction. Ultimately you can't please all the factions. You will eventually have to pick a side.

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