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Backpacks/Queen Ant

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(Backpacks replace the default backpack with a better, more stylish backpack.)

Ant Pack: 105 Spaces, extra hauling capacity when paired with ant armor.

Tier III Armor(Backpack)

Obtained By: Crafted; 10 Ant Parts/1 Ant Mandible/2 Ant Eggs/5 Queen Ant Parts/3 Billy Hog Bits


Ladybug Bag: 85 Spaces, gives small amount of defense (+2 armor) when paired with ladybug armor.

Tier II Armor(Backpack)

Obtained By: Crafted; 4 Ladybug Parts/2 Ladybug Heads/3 Silk Rope/4 Flower Petals


Spider Thorax: 80 Spaces, Extra speed when paired with spider armor.

Tier II Armor(Backpack)

Obtained By: Crafted; 2 Spider Fangs/4 Spider Chunks/2 Silk Rope/4 Web Fiber/1 Berry Leather


Stinkbug Bag: 80 Spaces, Release a small cloud of toxic gas when hit, When paired with tier II armor

Tier II Armor(Backpack)

You are not hurt by gas released by the bag.

Obtained By: Crafted; 4 Stinkbug Parts/2 Bombardier Parts/2 Berry Leather/2 Silk Rope


Bee Bag: 65 Spaces, 19% of fall damage is negated, and slightly increased jump height, when paired with bee armor.

Tier I Armor(Backpack)

Obtained By: Crafted; 6 Bee Fuzz/2 Crude Rope/3 Nectar/4 Sprigs


Boatmanbag: 50 Spaces, Can swim slightly faster, When you run out of oxygen you regain half your max oxygen

Tier I Armor(Backpack)

Obtained By: Crafted; 5 Boatman Fins/4 Lilypad Wax/4 Eelgrass Pieces

Queen Ant

Condition for Attacking: Entering Her Room/Worker Ant Alerts

Type: Boss

Information: Produces Eggs that the Worker move, If someone enters the ant hill without the set bonus HumAnt any nearby worker will go to the Queen and alert them, then the Queen will become hostile.

Respawns every 3 in-game days, during this time you may see ants fighting outside the anthill.

Egg production is increased by 50% whenever she is aggressive.

Location: Western Anthill, In a room near the top but far from entrance.

AI: Smart with Good Targeting.

Loot; 2 - 3 Queen Ant Parts, 0 - 3 Ant Parts, 1 Ant Head, 2 - 3 Ant Eggs.


1; Summons nearby ants to attack the player, they will not flee and get a slight power boost and won’t disengage.

2; If there are less then 5 ants nearby then, The Queen will charge at you dealing you 90% of your default health bar. If the Queen hits successfully, there will be a 3 second interval where you can hit her, if not then she will charge again.

3; Makes all nearby eggs hatch into Soldier Ants and makes them attack, they all have a significant power boost and won’t disengage.

4; Lifts upper body up and tries to fall onto you, does this 3 times.

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