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Dynamic Insect Ecosystems w/ SCAB tab

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I would really like to see the insects and their populations have a more dynamic presence in the game (Spawn rates that are affected by death rates and other factors).

For example: As the ant population of the western anthill grows undisturbed, so does the population of the nearby stinkbugs, resulting in intermittent wars due to increasing spawn rates and spawn points. The winning side naturally gains a population boost and has an even greater advantage in the next cycle.

All of this can be seen from your SCAB as a sort of bar graph, and it is your responsibility to manage the populations, maintaining the balance of the garden ecosystem. If you don't, spiders might just overrun the garden, posing a constant threat to your bases and exploration. Or perhaps you just want to watch the garden burn, so you incite the biggest war the yard has ever seen.

But death isn't the only way to affect a population. Leaving food and other species specific gifts in their nests improves their standing!
Imagine trying to revitalize the spider population because their prey is getting out of control, and how dangerous a task that could be! This also gives food a whole new layer: figuring out which food is best for which species.

I imagine each population having a spawn point radius and a spawn rate frequency value, (as well as a few more complex variables) which increase and decrease as a population grows or is decimated. Could be an interesting end game whilst also making every new game play out differently.


Edit: Recently discovered the feature board and it looks like they pretty much have this sort of thing planned already. Hopefully this might give em some ideas

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