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I’ve always had an odd affinity towards bugs and when I heard about grounded I was super excited! It has turned out to be the perfect survival game for me! I have a couple suggestions (mostly about new bugs to add) that I feel would greatly improve the game. The first suggestion is the ability to tame bugs, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s suggested this so I won’t go into detail. Now on to the bugs

1. Millipede

the addition of large millipedes would be really cool. They could drop chitin which could be used to craft incredibly strong armor. However, since their exoskeleton is so strong damage can only be dealt to them using a tier 2 hammer. This would make them much more difficult to kill but it would be worth it to craft such great armor. It would also be a cool feature if they rolled up into a ball when they got low and began to receive less damage per hit

2. Dragonflies/dragonfly larva

Dragonflies would be awesome to ride around the map if taming was added, but I still feel like they could have a cool use outside of that. When you kill a dragonfly you could use it’s wings to craft a wing suit (and yes I am aware there are already gliders) but the wing suit would allow you to travel much faster through the air and would also add a little bit of armor. Dragonfly larvae (which are deadly underwater predators) would also be nice for continuity sakes and maybe their proboscis could be used to make a blow dart gun or something.

3. Snails

Now the possibility of snails has already been hinted at as I have found snail shells in the map. I don’t really know what the use of them would be but their such a common garden bug I feel like they would be a cool addition. Maybe their slime and shells would be useful in construction or something.

I hope you got to read my suggestions. I’m very happy with this game and I know it’s only going to get better. Can’t wait to see where it goes in the future!

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