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Accessibility options for people with Motion Sickness

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So, let me preface this by saying I'm aware of the FOV slider and the third person options.

My friends and I play together a bunch and, unfortunately, one of them suffers from motion sickness. That means First-person games are usually off the table, despite them comprising most modern co-op games. When we found out Grounded had some options in that regard we were quite excited -- but unfortunately it seems that they weren't quite enough to help my friend play without nausea. It rapidly got to the point where he couldn't play with us at all.

As a result: this is my humble request for slightly better options in that regard. Perhaps a bigger FOV is necessary, or a slightly more zoomed out third person mode, I'm not entirely sure. I don't suffer from motion sickness so it's hard for me to give advice.

I will say, though, that we've recently played Raft and despite it being a game about bobbing on a plank of wood in the middle of the ocean, combining sea sickness and motion sickness all rolled into one, they've somehow managed a combination of settings under their motion sickness mode that has completely eliminated my friend's nausea in one fell swoop. He can even play in first person. It was the happiest I'd seen him in ages. As far as I know they'd worked with people who suffered from motion sickness to develop it and it seemed to hit it out of the park. I have no idea how they achieved this since there are still huge waves he sees that bob us around on the water and everything.

Sorry about the tangent - my point is that both he and the rest of our friend group would appreciate it immensely if you could offer some more expanded tools for combating motion sickness. He'd like to enjoy the game as we did, and we'd like to subject him to the terrors of the Koi and the eternally-jumpscaring tadpoles. If nothing else it would make your game more accessible to a new group of players.

I understand it won't be a priority or anything - we can be patient - but regardless of what you decide to do I appreciate your consideration and thank you for developing this delightful game. We had loads of fun with it while we could, at the very least. 

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