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I was thinking that maybe we should have something we can use to transport materials such as a cart or a sled that you can load grass planks and weed stems to carry long distances. 

I also had another thought of having a nice raft or small boat to traverse the water better. Maybe like a grass raft with a clover sail or even one made of spider silk threads; it could possibly have a rudder made with acorn shells or weed stems and an anchor that is made of spider webs and rocks. 

We also need a crafting queue for personal crafting inventory. It's very annoying trying to make crude ropes and stuff one at a time. 


All in all, this is a great game that I would recommend to any of my friends. I would also like to see dedicated servers so I can rent a server for my self and friends. 

Hope you take my feedback to heart and I can't wait to see what you ha e in store for us in the future. I'm looking for longevity and seemingly endless gameplay.

Keep up the good work. 

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