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Crow armor idea/ set bonus synergy

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Ok, ok, hear me out. 

This would have the same color scheme as the Marksman's cap and be made using the same material (Crow Feather, Berry leather, Spiderweb/silk)
However it's not just more bow damage. Instead the set would focus on stealth, that decreases your aggro range. The design of the armor is as followed, a vest with feather parts around its shoulders that kind of resemble fur, leather shins with the spider silk holding it together and feathers popping out from underneath, and a hood similar to the spider hood but with berry leather instead. 
The set bonus would be Sniper (far shots do more damage/crit) 
And here's the kicker, the Marksman's cap would also count towards the set bonus, meaning you can choose between the hood or the cap to still get the bonus!

That brings up my second idea: having more sets that work in tandem with each other for the bonuses, giving you some freedom of playstyle. 

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