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Ultrawide PC Monitors have broken "clipped/squished" viewport

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TLDR, Currently Grounded seems to support ultrawide displays using a cropped aspect ratio instead of an expanded one (PC Gaming Wiki ultrawide scaling behavior reference) which is expected for ultrawide support on PC. 


When playing Grounded on PC with an ultrawide monitor (21:9 or 32:9 aspect ratio is common), the expectation is that all content that's visible on a standard 16:9 display (1080p or 4K for example) is visible, with additional content visible on the left and right sides of the display. (This is the reason people buy ultrawides for gaming). Instead, it seems that Grounded actually clips out the upper and lower content to fit the game to an ultrawide display, which punishes ultrawide players who lose up to 33% of the content on screen. 

The result is that PC gamers that pay more for fancy ultrawide displays actually get a significantly worse experience than playing on a standard 16:9 display. This issue can be easily mitigated with some quick changes to the game camera setup, so hopefully the Grounded crew can fix this issue soon. 

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