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XBox Elite Series 2 disconnects in Workbench/Inventory

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Asked on Steam Forums as well, will post solution there if I get an answer here, but not holding my breath.  So, it seems that there have been various reports, going back a year, here, on Steam, reddit, etc. about controllers not working or disconnecting.  I have not found any answers other than one from a year ago saying the issue was "being addressed".  

Here's my issue: XBox Elite Series 2 disconnects while using the workbench.  This does not seem to be tied to the amount of time in the workbench, nor the number of times you work with a single item.  However, as you change items, it starts to get more and more laggy until the controller disconnects.  This is repeatable and save independent.  There is no disconnection during battle, browsing containers, vendors, vending machines, etc.  The only other time it occurs is in the Inventory Menu.  This occurrence is much less common.  

Is there a fix for this?

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