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Suggestion about Koi Helmet

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So, I'm running into a similar problem I have with other armors - the Helmet makes the rest of the set unappealing.

Up until recently, this was usually because an outside helmet's advantages did not make up for the set bonus. Example: The archery helmet only works with armor types that you don't care about the set bonus effect. For the first time, I find this to be true of the set helmet. I can not imagine a time where I would want to switch out either the rebreather or the bubble helmet to get the set bonus for the Koi armor. Literally nothing that set bonus could do is worth losing all bonus breathing time.

Further, total armor level is still the same or better with the Fin Flops, Bubble Helmet, and Ladybug Chest when compared to the Koi suit, and the movement speed seems to be the same as well. So I can just ignore the Koi suit completely and get *more* benefit from the lower level armor.

My suggestion to fix this would be to give it a breathing capacity between the rebreather and the bubble helmet. That would make the choice of getting the set bonus more interesting, as the cost would be losing 40 seconds of breathing time for the suit bonus, rather than losing 120.

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