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Unable to upgrade Marux Amanth



I am unable to level up my Marux Amanth item, have tried multiple sources of burn damage such as the weapon proc and cinder bombs but it stays at 0. Initially it got to 5/150 before it stopped then I severed and rebound it to try and fix issue now it is stuck at 0/150. I have unequipped, saved, quit game, reloaded and then tried again but the issue remains.


dxdiag file uploaded here but save file too large, have emailed through to support@obsidian.net 


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Nevermind, issue is resolved. For anyone curious I still don't know why the weapons burn damage wasn't proccing and I guess maybe the cinder bombs don't count anymore? To resolve I paid to retrain my rogue, giving her points in arcana then got the burn damage using burn damage scrolls, I used the fire beam one and finished it off very quickly. Then obviously retrained back to how she was initially.

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