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Collision Environment Bug: A rock asset in Emerald Vale has no collision detection.

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Info: The rock type as seen in the linked video has no collision detection.

Platform: Xbox One X -

OS version: 10.0.19041.4981 (rs_xbox_release_2010.201009-0000) 

Game Version:

Expected: The player should not be able to walk through rocks and/or crouch through it or under it.

Actual: The player can pass through the rock asset type seen in the linked video and is able to crouch underneath it.


  1. Load the game and navigate to the Emerald Vale Region.
  2. Go to the location seen in the screenshot provided.
  3. Find the rock asset seen in the video (there are plenty around that area).
  4. Attempt to walk through/crouch in it.
  5. Notice the player is able to walk through the rock.

Video in link below:




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