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My thoughts of improvement for The Outer Worlds

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I love The Outer Worlds so much and would love to give some random suggestions that I think will improve the game even more!

- the ADS reticle is really unique but for some guns it is higher than the iron sights. An example where I notice this most is the ADS on the Light Pistol compared to the Assault Rife (assault rifles looking better personally). The inconsistency is not game breaking by any means but I personally think it isn't aesthetic and it's something that can bother me and possibly others! I think a perfect solution to this would be what you did in Fallout: New Vegas! Where we were given an option to have the crosshair while aiming or just the iron sites!

- When scrapping items in a workbench for there to be a pop-up prompt to confirm if you'd like to scrap the item, like there is when you scrap something in your inventory.

- The ability to create your own map markers would be quite convenient.

- I love most of the perks in the game but possibly more involving TTD and to improve companions stats with specific guns/ammo type/armours!

- Weapon variation for future DLC.

- An implementation of more helmets I find would be great! I love the armours and helmets for complete sets of gear but sometimes find their could be more satisfying items to wear moreso in the helmet/hat compartment. To give a specific example why I mention this is because I find there is not much helmets with average or above stats I would like wearing with the Chimaera armour! This is a very nitpicky complaint but I thought to mention it haha!

- More mods for guns, specifically involving scopes. Most scopes are sniper-esque and it would be good to have some holographic sites or red dot sights as well!

- Ability to toggle through the planet map on The Unreliable rather than scroll using a cursor, or at least bring able to do both.

- To be able to unequip/replace the current weapon you're using whilst in your inventory.


The Outer Worlds is a thoroughly crafted game and an extremely enjoyable RPG that encourages replayability and variation in ways to play! I love the job you've done and the work you're continually doing on the game!

Thank you Obsidian!

A grateful gamer :)

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