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Multiplayer Still Crashing After Patch 0.3.1

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I'm guessing most of the community plays Grounded via single-player mode because I haven't seen a lot of people posting feedback about the continued issues within multiplayer mode.

GAMING DETAILS: Xbox One  |  Multiplayer Session of 4 Players
As of patch 0.3.1, multiplayer is still crashing. The crashing occurs regardless of any attempts to build or recycle.

Because of the game's fragility, we avoided building anything for one full game day. We were able to get through one full game day and on the second day someone built ONE storage chest. Everything seemed okay at first but 5 to 10 minutes later the game crashed. Normally, we would keep trying but at this point, we were fed up.

Out of frustration, we started a brand new lobby under someone else's account, which started us off on Day 0. Within this brand new session, everything seemed to work fine. The only problem we had was some occasional freezing and/or lagging.

The lobby with two months worth of progress is unplayable. The game works but only if you have a brand new fresh lobby with zero progress. Having to start over just to play the game is really draining.

• Bugs (Spiders, Bombardier Beetles, Stinkbugs, etc.) spawn out of thin air which gives you no time to prepare for battle.
• When chopping, sometimes the character's arm becomes stuck in the air and the chopping motion isn't visible.
• Chopped clover leaves near pond water glitch and jump around continuously until you pick it up.

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