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pillars of eternity review

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pillars of eternity imaginary qualities. While I can say for sure that pillars of eternity 2 deadfire is expanding the first game in every level. Graphics gameplay character design world build etc etc it doesn't have the same nostalgia feeling as the first one. Of course one can argue that the first is build to be the next Boulder's gate re creation in 2015 with the same game elements and world design and difficulty. but what makes the first game special is as I already said the feeling of 1999 games in modern time more than that the game has design of pause and think tactic which is rare in games with this nature. It's an isematric rpg who you really need to think deep about combat  desition. the amazing art beauty that combine the old and the new works so well not to mention the architecture 

 Of semi middle ages style and it all goes

so well with the game would build. 

in a strategic point of view Poe 1 makes sense very much with support roles characters that can give boost of resistance endurance on so on it's very much fun to keep the wizard behind and make a warrior stronger and beat the enemies while using the wizard 's own Magic's. in the heart of Poe 1 there's a great thought about philosophy and spiritually what are dreams ? is one egsaple while the main character is a watcher who can read others souls give the game his inpact on questions human ask in the real world. what if we could do that for real? what are the outcomes of that unique ability mean for the understanding life it self?

Poe 1 isn't just another rpg it has depth 

.that is rare to see

the world always create new ways to carrest you as a player like the felling of having a castle who you need to get buisness working and the influence on the world and your companions with the choices the do in the castle makes you feel like it's actual fun work. this is of course just one of many imaginative qualities the game has. also the combat is very complicated and fun in the same time learning from your own mistaks reposition your specific character like warrior in flanking position with a strength potion and a magic support from the wizard carrest you to go on and on with more possibilities the game offers in every new quest.





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