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TWICE I've lost SO much!

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First off, I absolutely LOVE this game, and have spent a LOT of hours playing it. Secondly, I will continue to do so, despite getting mad, frustrated, and disappointed when I find out for a SECOND time I've lost save files and LOTS of progress.

The first time was just before the August update. I was on Day 56 (in-game) with a LOT going on, such as building a huge base (all of the resource collecting/storing/crafting/using, etc.--GONE) by the oak tree/pond area, plus BURG.L quest-grinding every chance that I could ... all for nothing.  I couldn't believe "THAT just happened", but I finally let it go because I understand Grounded is "still-in-the-making" and there's bound to be the occasional "hiccup" -- It just really sucks, is all.

The SECOND time was just before the September update, but this time, THANKFULLY, I didn't lose ALL of my progress (Day 166), but I DID lose about 14 hours of game play/saves after I installed the update. I had saved it the night before the update, but I had to work the next day, so I installed it when I got home and everything went fine with no problems, and I played it LITERALLY for about 13-14 hours (but didn't try to build anything, because I was busy accomplishing other stuff at the time), before I NEEDED some sleep, because I've lost a LOT of sleep being addicted to this game already!) 😆  (Thanks, Obsidian! 😣)

Yesterday I tried to build a triangle wall piece and it completely froze up.  I restarted my XBox (it's the One S) and started Grounded back up, but I only had TWO saved games to choose from -- the newest being the save the night BEFORE the update (2 days earlier) ... So ALL of that progress (starting/building a "Treehouse Outpost" in the Hedge area, continuing the quest/strory line in the Hedge Lab, trying to quest grind AGAIN for BURG.L to unlock zipline anchors, etc.  (Btw, I lost over HALF of the raw science I earned after that second "hiccup"...)

I TRULY apologize for this "rant" being so long and for taking up so much of your time. Like I said from the start, I absolutely LOVE Grounded (I bought it right after seeing the trailer for it ONE time), and I know I'll probably never get those saved games/hours back, but that's okay,  The amount of hours/days/weeks that I HAVE played, regardless of whether they were "lost" or not, have been some of the BEST fun I've had with a game in quite awhile. I'm so glad I purchased it because I can almost "feel" the potential Grounded has to be HUGE very quickly, and I'm SO happy and proud to be part of the ever-growing Grounded Community.

All that being so "drawn out and 'said'", keep up the AWESOME work on one of THE best games I've ever played, and we'll try our best to forgive the "hiccups" ... (but like, I dunno, hold your breath for 30 seconds or something? They HAVE to stop.  PLEASE!!)

On behalf of any or all fans of Grounded who have ALSO lost any of the above mentioned, PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!

Very Truly a HUGE Grounded Fan,




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